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Looking at the people who keep the wheels of commerce turning on the Island; features, profiles, achievements and stories with a human dimension. Simon Mellor – MD of Peel based David Lancaster (Funeral Directors) Ltd - is the first to admit that a career in the profession he finds himself in hadn’t been on his radar when he began his working life. However, fourteen years after he joined the company that he was destined to take over in March 2012, he is sincere and passionate in his view that now he wouldn’t want to do anything else. BUSINESS PROFILE SIMON MELLOR David Lancaster (Funeral Directors) Ltd S imon has recently joined a small handful of funeral directors on the Isle of Man to hold the National Association of Funeral Directors Diploma in Funeral arrangement and administration. The qualification, in which he received a distinction, is the industry’s gold standard in the UK. David Lancaster has always been a family business and Simon is passionate that it will remain so. He’s married to Sharon – the founder’s daughter - who supports him in the business. David Lancaster founded the company over thirty years ago and his professionalism and attention to detail nurtured its excellent reputation. He has – over the years – taken the time to train Simon and pass on his considerable knowledge. Simon and Sharon feel honoured that he has entrusted them to carry on the business in his name. wishes of the family. From the moment I receive the first call we take care of everything. First and foremost we ensure that all the people we take into our care are looked after in the best way possible. We also offer help and advice on legal and administrative matters, and make sure everybody is aware of exactly where they stand in relation to available support, benefits and even pension matters.” Simon is aware that death is a diffi cult subject for many people to talk about or contemplate: “There is a taboo about death and really there shouldn’t be. I always prefer to be completely open and honest with people when I am asked questions. I suppose the mantra we apply is to always treat people as we would hope to be treated ourselves – with compassion and respect.” Simon’s philosophy is simple: “Every funeral is bespoke, there is only a right way, to ensure that all arrangements are sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of the bereaved family. Whilst conforming to the specific wishes of the deceased.” As a relatively young man in the industry Simon is aware of the need for the business to move with the times and reflect the changes in society. He has continually invested in the business and is anxious that the company should meet the needs of all people. Simon’s views his role as a funeral director as all encompassing: “We are there to carry out the Those who entrust the funeral arrangements for a loved one to Simon can be assured of a highly 40 | The mantra we apply is to always treat people as we would hope to be treated ourselves – with compassion and respect. personalised service: “It will be me they deal with every step along the way. We offer a 24 hour service and it’s almost guaranteed that it will be me who picks the phone up at any time of day.” Looking to the future Simon is supportive of moves in the UK to regulate the funeral services industry: “It is important to ensure standards are maintained. I believe that by gaining professional qualifications I am safeguarding the business, which I care deeply about. I would be very happy if our nine year old daughter, Olivia, wanted to follow in her Grandad and our footsteps, but obviously that’s a decision for her at the appropriate time,” concluded Simon. Simon can be contacted at David Lancaster (Funeral Directors) Ltd, Derby Drive Peel. IM5 1NT. Phone 842945