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BUDGET REPORT 2019 ‘A Budget of confidence to build on solid foundations’ – Treasury Minister Alf Cannan Confidence but not complacency was very much the message from Treasury Minister, Alf Cannan as he unveiled his latest budget package to members of the Island’s media. H e said the package had been developed in tandem with the government’s five-year plan, which he reported was on target. In purely financial terms the past year has exceeded expectation with the Minister able to forecast a surplus on government accounts of £28 million - £18 million up on the budgeted amount. Increased return from income tax (£9.5 million), National Insurance contributions (£11.4 million) and a lower than expected spend on unemployment benefits all contributed to the figure. Mr Cannan said the main objective of the five year plan – to enable the return of money to reserves by 2023 – was right on track.