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Focussing on the strong link between health & performance in the workplace; news, information and feature interviews. ISLANDERS URGED TO ‘SIT LESS AND MOVE MORE’ AFTER RESEARCH CLAIMS SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING   A course this month will encourage Islanders to build more activity into everyday life. Experienced local Pilates instructor Mo Sherring will run the event at University College Isle of Man on Saturday 18th May 10am – 1pm, to demonstrate why increasingly sedentary lives are dangerous and how to overcome such risks.  Mo, founder of Isle of Man Pilates Studio, is leading the session following new research from two Northern Ireland institutions, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University. It concluded that measures should be taken to reduce sedentary behaviour with the aim of improving health and reducing the financial burden on the health service. She explained: ‘Nowadays, many of us spend several hours of each day sitting down. Most people are desk-bound and looking at computers while at work and even then some spend their leisure time watching television, surfing the net or slouched over their phone.  ‘It has long been shown that people should sit less and move more but, with changes in lifestyle, in recent years even the views of experts have been unequivocal. ‘They say sitting is more dangerous than smoking and sitting for long periods can increase the risk of serious disease, not to mention that doing nothing means you’re more likely to become obese which also increases your risks of a broad range of health conditions. ‘Pilates is the perfect way to address this as there are numerous benefits to be gained.’ These include improved posture, balance and core strength, increased strength and flexibility, better lung capacity, improved circulation and enhanced muscular and mental coordination. Joseph Pilates, founder of the globally practiced exercise, was interned at Knockaloe for three and a half years during World War One. During that time, he developed exercises and training techniques which are now used all over the world. The course, from 10am-1pm, will include a talk and practical classes comprising of matwork and the use of small equipment. All mats and equipment will be provided. Mo added: ‘If Joseph Pilates had been alive today I don’t think he would have approved of emails instead of getting up and speaking to colleagues. He would have invented exercises to use in the workplace. ‘He realised that sitting for long spells makes the muscles in your lower body turn off and become inactive which compromises how our metabolism works and how our brain and body functions.  ‘This course will raise awareness of how we are weakening our bodies and what we can do in our day-to-day lives to improve our health and wellbeing.’ To find out more or register for the course, call Mo Sherring on 490480. | 49