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Leisure, travel, charity events, social gatherings; the Island’s business community with their suits off. WANT TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS FROM A BEACH? By MIKE IANIRI, Equinox HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED On a cold day do you ever dream of packing your bags and moving yourself and your job to an idyllic location? Perhaps you’d like to work on a sun kissed beach in the Caribbean! If so, what technology and telecoms will you need to make this happen? Here are some ideas to get you moving. Laptops etc ABOUT THE AUTHOR If you’re heading for the beach you don’t want a hefty laptop. Something like a Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple Macbook Air will work better or the Dell Rugged Extreme range if you need something sturdier. will be possible from most. To also keep your laptop charged you’ll need a larger capacity device. What devices are you charging? Powerbanks come with a variety of outlet sockets, but they’re not all the same. Many airlines ban the really high capacity powerbanks Mike Ianiri is Director of independent telecoms brokerage Equinox. Mike works with companies, charities and other organisations to help them choose the right telecoms packages for their neds and thereby reduce their costs. He is particularly knowledgeable on the integration of IT and telecoms in business. You need reliable devices, which can cope all your software. You’ll probably access the Cloud lot and may have several programs running simultaneously – so a decent amount of RAM is important. For work offl ine a lot a good-sized hard drive, or an extra external hard drive is essential. Without plug sockets handy, you’ll need a powerbank. Consider: You’ll need to connect to the internet from the beach. If your property is nearby and the WiFi reaches you, fantastic. If not, you’ll need a 4G connection and tether via your phone. How many devices will you charge from the powerbank? Charging your phone once or twice If your beach is a Caribbean one, prepare for fairly slow speeds. The Bahamas seems to have the fastest Twitter: @CommsEquinox 52 | Here are some to choose from Internet Connection