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Exactly what it says on the tin – news snippets, forthcoming events and information from the business world. MANX TELECOM UNVEILS ‘SIGNIFICANT WORLD FIRST’ Leading audiology professor from Cambridge University says MT ClearSound has ‘global significance’ M anx Telecom has launched a global first in the field of mobile technology with a brand new product – called MT clearSound – that can provide life-changing benefits for people with varying degrees of hearing loss. MT clearSound uses innovative mobile technology specially designed software to create a personal profile tailored to an individual’s hearing ability, whether or not they have medically diagnosed hearing loss. This profile fine tunes speech in all incoming and outgoing calls on the Manx Telecom mobile network. The technology behind MT clearSound is located within the company’s mobile network and requires no purchase or installation of specialist equipment by the customer. In a clinical trial carried out in 2018, 90% of the volunteers taking part agreed that speech was clearer and easier to hear when using the product. MT clearSound has been researched, trialled and developed in the Isle of Man by Manx Telecom – working in partnership with Goshawk Communications, which is part of the Manx Telecom group – and is backed by leading medical professionals. Speaking at the launch Goshawk’s founder and inventor of the technology, Matthew Turner, said he had come up with the concept of ‘a hearing aid in the sky’. Mr Turner, who has hearing loss, said the MT ClearSound technology was a world first: “People with hearing loss now have a voice”, he said. Mr Turner also praised MT’s CEO Gary Lamb for having the vision to persuade his company to work with them, and come to the Isle of Man. Mr Lamb was unable to attend the launch at the Nunnery after his flight was delayed at London City Airport. In his absence MT’s Strategic Development Director, David Smith, hosted the launch and introduced the speakers. 60 | Speaking at the MT clearSound launch is Emeritus Professor Brian Moore from the University of Cambridge. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on auditory perception. Manx Telecom Pay Monthly mobile customers will be the first in the world to use the product – it is being offered initially as a value added service at no extra cost. Mr Lamb told B365: “There are up to 14,000 people on the Island with hearing loss, and millions around the world.  Many of those struggle to do something that most of us take for granted – having the confidence to talk to people on the phone knowing they can concentrate on the conversation rather than the frustration. Goshawk’s technology can make a vast improvement to the quality of calls not only for the hard of hearing, but also for every mobile user who is seeking greater call clarity. This enabling, empowering, aspect of the product is why we chose the ‘now I can’ theme to spread the word about how we can help people Matthew Turner, Chief Executive Offi cer and Founder of Goshawk Communications.