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Looking at the people who keep the wheels of commerce turning on the Island; features, profiles, achievements and stories with a human dimension. DEALING WITH STRESS AND BURNOUT Brought up in Peel, Phil was a pupil at the QE11 High School. He spent time in the Marines and the RAF. During his time in the Air Force he attended many courses, which ultimately set him on his current career path: “I am very grateful to the RAF for the support they gave me,” said Phil. Being back on the Island and addressing Manx audiences is there a detectable difference: “The Isle of Man is different there’s no doubt about it. It has its own eco-system, hierarchy and structure. It’s unusual in the way that it produces entrepreneurs. As in sport such as cycling it punches above its weight in the number of successful entrepreneurs it nurtures.” Top performance coach briefs Manx Business Network I nternationally renowned high-performance coach and award winning trainer Phil Quirk, provided a fascinating presentation for members of the Manx Business Network at a recent event at the Palace Hotel in Douglas. Manxman Phil is the head of the Pro-Noctis Performance Academy and one of the most widely respected Human Performance Coaches in the UK. He is a TED presenter and sought after speaker as well as an accomplished presenting coach. His current and former clients span the world of business, sport & entrepreneurship. Phil has a fascination with Human Performance and has spent much of his professional life understanding how to help his clients achieve and surpass their goals. Phil’s time now is spent developing the new wave of Performance Coaches. 20 | In his presentation Phil explored stress and its effect on humans. Taking an evolutionary perspective to understand what our stress response system was evolved for, and how a highly adaptive system has become maladaptive in the modern world. Forty five percent of working professionals are in a state of chronic stress, facing burnout. Phil also explained simple stress relieving strategies which when used daily can prevent the build-up of stress and prevent chronic stress & burnout. Phil, who is now based in Shropshire, also hosted a six-day residential course at the Nunnery during his latest visit to the Island. Business365 caught up with him during a break from lectures. He explained his busy schedule: “My new business is based here in the Nunnery, though a huge amount of my work is off Island in the UK and Barcelona, where we hire a large villa for residential courses. One area in which the Island is no different is the need to address issues of stress, burnout and resilience: “These are the icebergs threatening our Titanic,” explained Phil. “The variable factor is how we teach our people to deal with the workload. There is a huge opportunity to help people deal with it.” He recalled leaving the Isle of Man for the first time to join the Marines: “I didn’t know what to do. My fight and flight response was in full flow. I had the same feelings when I started my first business. When your brain is in an emotional state you always think of the worst-case scenario. You can teach people resilience and how to get out of that response area and connect with a different part of their brain.” What I do now is my passion. To help somebody achieve something they thought was not possible is incredibly satisfying.