As we reach the end of another year the global uncertainties that have hindered economic growth remain. The tortuous Brexit saga rumbles on and the Isle of Man, as an innocent bystander to the process, can do little more than sit and wait to see what emerges.

Those who believed 2018 was going to be the year the UK finally carved itself a clear path into the future have been disappointed. The reality is that 2019 will be even more challenging.

Despite the tumultuous events going on around us the Isle of Man has maintained its equilibrium. The economy has grown at a decent rate and unemployment remains low. 

As we celebrate Christmas though there is a feeling that the Island is changing – we are entering a new and relatively uncertain phase in our history.

Whatever happens in the coming months our relationship with both the UK and Europe will change. The Manx Government has been working behind the scenes to ensure that the mechanisms that maintain our business relationship with our neighbour on the adjacent Isle can continue with minimum disruption. 

It’s not all gloom though – with change come new opportunities, and we must hope that our government is fleet of foot and can make the best of any that come their way. 

With so much noise around issues such as Brexit, regional conflicts and international trade wars it is hard for a tiny place like the Isle of Man to make itself heard. However, by focusing on the things we do best and maintaining a high level of agility to grasp new opportunities, there is no reason why the Island shouldn’t have a positive future.  

From all at Business365 may we wish you a happy, safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.    

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