Articles from September 2016

Time to Grill Your Prospective MHK’s

The Isle of Man goes to the polls this month to elect a new House of Keys. A significant number of new faces are almost guaranteed following changes to the electoral boundaries and the decision by a number of senior politicians to call it a day and not stand for re-election. They include Chief Minister, Allan Bell and Treasury Minister, Eddie Teare.

The saying goes that a country gets the government it deserves – and to a point it’s true. That’s why it’s imperative that we as citizens take the time to quiz potential MHK’s on the big topics to ascertain their level of knowledge and their ideas for rectifying the problems the Island faces.

One of the biggest threats to democracy is apathy. Fewer and fewer people are taking the trouble to vote in local authority and national elections. It’s a worrying trend that is not exclusive to the Isle of Man.

Candidates in the 2016 election have been setting out their stall on radio and in the newspapers – some with grandiose ideas and ambitions, others more measured.

We must hope that the successful 24 can – collectively – steer the Island to a bright future, though many will certainly face a steep learning curve.

In the first instance our duty is to get out and vote.