Articles from April 2018

Wellness at Work

More and more these days companies of all sizes are realising the value of looking after their workforce – not just in terms of remuneration, but also their general health and wellbeing. The benefits are obvious; happy and contented employees, fewer absences and increased company loyalty. It’s a persuasive argument – particularly in an environment of almost full employment, where it’s often the ‘perks’ of a package that can mean the difference between attracting high quality staff and struggling to fill vacancies.

The superyacht sector

As travellers from the Island to exotic locations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and further afield will concur, it’s not unusual to see some of world’s most glamorous superyachts berthed in marinas flying the Manx flag.

Architecture and Design 2018

The Island’s built environment affects us all. Structures old and new must look appropriate for their surroundings and also provide the required levels of functionality. The role played by architects and designers to shape the environment in which we live and work often goes under the radar, but their contribution is significant…

Chief Minister takes part in Brexit Discussions

Chief Minister Howard Quayle has led a senior delegation to continue the Isle of Man Government’s programme of political and economic engagement with the United Kingdom.